FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are the gazebos fully waterproof?

A. Yes. All the gazebos we sell are completely waterproof. (Unless otherwise specified)

Q. Are the gazebos easy to put up?

A. Yes, all of our pop-up gazebos are very easy to put up. Once you are familiar

    with the way it works, it can be done in less than 2 minutes.

Q. How many people do you need to put up one of your gazebos?

A. Ideally two people would be required, however it is still easy to erect by yourself.

Q. Can I come and collect?

A. Unfortunatley not. All of our products are sent from a private warehouse,

    so collection is not possible.

Q. Are they sturdy?

A. Yes. In the past, we did sell the cheaper aluminium pop-up gazebos. We had many

   complaints and problems. As a result, we now only sell gazebos with all-steel frames.


Q. Do you have all colours in stock?

A. Yes. All colours shown are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Q. Can the gazebo be used on a hard surface?

A. Yes. Most of our gazebos are supplied with four weight-bags. These can be

    filled with sand or rocks and attached to each leg.