Reasons to invest in an EasyGazebos® pop up gazebo this winter

Reasons to invest in an EasyGazebos® pop up gazebo this winter

At EasyGazebos® we come across a lot of people investing in a pop up gazebo for the winter months, and here we’ll give you a few reasons why it’s a great idea to buy a gazebo at this time of year!

Cover for working outdoors

If your work means you’re often outdoors, consider a pop up gazebo an essential part of your kit! Whether you trade outdoors all the time or are in a job where you’re using tools outside, like a carpenter or a tiler, having a pop up gazebo means you can create a shelter to be able to carry on working through bad weather. EasyGazebos® come in both 3x3m and 3x4.5m, and not only are they easy to assemble and take down in just a few minutes, they’re easily transportable on different jobs too. 

Shelter in the garden

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your garden until next spring, a garden gazebo is just what you need to add a bit of cosiness in the winter months. Using a gazebo over your outdoor seating areas with some cosy lighting creates a comfortable sheltered area for you and your guests, and any visitors that are smokers will certainly thank you for it! EasyGazebos® make great garden gazebos as they’re made with a heavy duty steel frame, and they can be stored away in the shed and quickly assembled when you need it, with no fuss. 

Gazebos for hot tubs

Hot tub gazebos are growing in popularity as more people install their own spa in the garden! EasyGazebos® work perfectly as hot tub gazebos as they come in a range of colours and sizes, making an attractive addition to your outdoor hot tub area. What’s more, they’re great if you need a bit of privacy from overlooking neighbours and of course if you want to sit out in your hot tub in wet weather. 

Which gazebo should I get? 

One of our most popular pop up gazebos this time of year is the Carnival T7 Pro, which comes with a full set of sides for more protection from the elements, and the darker colour option is great for events where there may be rain and mud. It also blends in nicely as a garden gazebo, and comes in a larger 3x4.5m (10x15ft) size for more shelter. 

If you’re after a bargain, we still have some of the limited edition Carnival MK7 Royale, available in some unique colour options including blue and purple. These won’t be around for much longer and when they’re gone, they’re gone! 

If you’re using your EasyGazebo® outdoors this winter we’d love to see. Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #easygazebos