Reasons to choose a pop up gazebo with sides

Reasons to choose a pop up gazebo with sides

When choosing your gazebo from EasyGazebos®, you can opt to purchase a model that includes a full set of sides which you can choose to attach as needed. In this blog post we’ll talk you through some of the times when a pop up gazebo with sides can come in very handy! 

Creating an outdoor shelter quickly

There might be times when overhead protection from the elements isn’t going to cut it, so adding the sides to your gazebo means you can create a full, walled shelter to keep you fully covered. If you’re working outdoors or at an event or market and the weather worsens, our gazebo sides attach really simply just by velcroing and zipping together, so you can add them easily whenever you need to. 

It’s also a great option for being able to create a moveable shelter for spectating at sports events- say farewell to cold mornings huddling under umbrellas! You can set up a comfortable seating area and even a table for drinks and snacks. 

A fun place for outdoor play

If you have children, or have who visitors who do, adding all the sides to your gazebo means you can make sure the kids have a place to shelter from both sun and rain, and you can even make your gazebo into their very own wendy-house for the day with a cosy bean bag corner and some bunting. Our sides come with both a doorway and windows so you still have plenty of light inside. 

Your own transportable workshop

If you work on site with clients and sometimes have limited indoor space, you can assemble your pop up gazebo with sides in just a few minutes, meaning you’ve got a sheltered space with sides to work from or store your tools and equipment. Just be sure to observe any safety precautions and secure your gazebo well in bad weather. 

Easy-up and cost effective camping awning

We’re big fans of van life, but it doesn’t come with a whole lot of space! If you’re heading off to a festival or on a camping holiday, bringing along a pop up gazebo is a great way to extend your space and create a dry, liveable area to relax and store things while your camp is set up. You can choose to add 3 sides and leave the back panel off, giving you direct access between your van and gazebo living space!  

Thinking a pop up gazebo with sides might be just what you need? Our Carnival T7 Pro model comes with everything you’ll need, including a full set of sides. Take a look here