Festino Pop-Up Gazebo with Sides [back in stock]

Waterproof pop up gazebo with sides - 3x3m 10x10


Our popular 3x3m heavy-duty pop-up gazebo with sides is now back in stock. We have added a new colour option to the Festino model to compliment the Navy Blue  Green and Black. Red is now available too. Not only that but all colours now include a set of weight bags. These can be filled with sand, rocks or bricks to secure the gazebo when being used on a hard surface.

As always this model includes a full set of side panels that can be individually attached or used togther to make a completely waterproof enclosed space.

Two of the panels have windows with roll-up covers for privacy, there is one plain panel and one door panel with 2m wide door. Perfect for at home in the garden, special events or working outdoors.