Christmas Markets


There is nothing we love more when the festive season approaches than going to a good Christmas market. Most cities, towns and villages across the UK will have one at some point during December, and here you can peruse stalls of local produce and arts and crafts, drink mulled wine and really get into the festive spirit.

Many historic towns up and down the country are still referred to as market towns, and were actually built up around the market trade. The rich and diverse history of markets in the UK is very interesting, originating from the medieval period where most of the markets were set up for farmers to sell their produce. As transport links improved people would bring other goods to sell at market, with market towns actually given priority when the first train lines were built, in order to help move produce from town to town more easily.

Throughout the years markets have developed and now you can enjoy markets dedicated to almost any type of produce imaginable. Some larger markets are now permanent fixtures in cities and have been moved indoors so as to protect them from the adverse weather, others are set up as weekly markets where vendors can sell their produce on a certain day of the week, be that food, crafts, furniture, clothes or antiques.

The Christmas market originated from Germany, and actually dates back to the middle ages. However it is only in the last 15 years that these market types have become so popular in the UK. Now many cities are famed for the annual xmas markets and see millions of visitors flock to them every year whether to do some last minute shopping, or to simply enjoy the friendly, spirited atmosphere, some traditional food and a drink or two.

Different Christmas markets use different materials to set up, and depending on the size and longevity of the site it can be difficult to know what is best. Gazebos are perfect for setting up Christmas markets, and are often used at this time of year to create these magical little shopping venues that we all enjoy so much.

A pop up gazebo such as our classic MK5 model is durable, easy to transport and opens up like an umbrella so takes no time at all to set up. Pop-up gazebos create a totally flexible space, so whatever the vendor is selling they will work really well. They are totally waterproof and provide shelter from the wind and rain if the weather takes a turn for the worse, so that the festive spirit can never be dampened, even if the heavens decide to open!

Gazebos make the perfect market stalls. If you are serving food or drinks they are great for keeping customers out of the elements while waiting to be served, and once they have been erected create plenty of space for servers to work in. Stall owners who are looking to sell festive produce such as chutneys, or traditional sweets and biscuits (which make excellent stocking fillers) will also find gazebos useful as they ensure everything is kept safe and dry and looking great which of course is important when trying to maximise your sales.

Often Christmas markets are set up in the local town square - a familiar space where residents can gather and enjoy all that the market has to offer. Gazebos are a perfect fit for a town square pop-up market as they can all sit neatly alongside one another around its edge, therefore making maximum use of the space and leaving an open area in the centre where visitors can wander freely from tent to tent having a look at what is on offer.

Another great advantage of using pop-up tents as stalls for your Christmas markets is that you can decorate them just about any way you want. The pop-up canopy is perfect for twisting fairy lights around to give the tent that lovely, magical xmas glow. It is easy to decorate both the inside and outside of the gazebo too. You can hang Christmas decorations, paint it, even put up a small Christmas tree to really get into the festive spirit!

Many Christmas markets are only up and running in the weeks leading up until the big day itself. Because they are only around for a short space of time, it is important to organisers and vendors to get the maximum amount of time with the market set up and selling produce as possible. Pop-up gazebos such as the MK5 make the job so much easier. All you need to do is simply unfold the gazebo from its container bag, and simply click the canopy into place. The actual set up of the gazebo itself takes mere minutes, so then all you have to do is bring in tables and chairs and get decorating to make it as festive as possible, and then you can start selling straight away.

Taking the gazebo down is also completely hassle-free which means when trading is over and the pop-up market stalls are ready to be taken down you can do this quickly and easily. Because the gazebo folds away tightly it can be stored in a compact space, ready to be used for next years market, so all that you need to worry about it enjoying Christmas day!

All market traders at some point in their life will need to invest in a pop-up gazebo. They are long-lasting and good value for money and so a really wise investment. Ensuring that you spend your money on a quality gazebo, one that is strong and sturdy and completely waterproof is so important, and it should last you years too. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of wizard in the kitchen, or have an idea for the perfect crafts gifts to sell, why not get involved in your local Christmas market and see where it takes you?

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