Choosing a pop up gazebo for your hot tub

Choosing a pop up gazebo for your hot tub

If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub at home you’ll know how great it is to look up from the bubbles at the sky above... but you can’t always rely on the British weather! That’s why it’s important to have a hot tub shelter, so you can make the most of your hot tub whatever the weather. 

If you have a hot tub or Lay-Z-Spa in your garden, there are a few options for creating a shelter. You might opt to build something permanent, but it’s more work and depending on how you build it, might mean you can’t choose to have your hot tub out in the open when the weather is good, or use the space for something else if you need to. You might even choose to have your spa indoors, but you need a lot of ventilation and a floor that’s suitable for water spillages, which isn’t always possible. 

Or you could opt for the best of both worlds- a pop up gazebo for your hot tub! In just a few minutes with minimal fuss, you can bring out a shelter for your hot tub so the rain doesn’t have to spoil any of the fun. Our waterproof gazebos are heavy duty enough that you’re properly protected from wet weather, and you can still feel the fresh air if you choose to have one side open, or no sides at all. 

What’s more, EasyGazebos® are easy enough to assemble that you can choose to bring it out of the shed or garage at a moment’s notice. There are no complicated poles to slot together, and the intelligent folding design makes things really simple. 

Our gazebos are also tall enough that you won’t feel boxed in, and you can even add some outdoor lighting to the frame of the gazebo to make it feel even more relaxing. 

Which gazebo should I go for? 

All of our pop up gazebos are suitable to use outdoors with a hot tub, so it’s best to pick your gazebo based on the size that would fit your spa area best, and your preferred colour that suits your garden. If you’d like to attach sides as and when you need, the Carnival T7 Pro comes with a full set of side panels, including 2 windows and a doorway. 

Take a look at all of our waterproof gazebos here

So there you have it- the answer to your hot tub shelter problems is a pop up gazebo! 

Have you made use of your gazebo in your garden or for your hot tub? We’d love to see! Tag us in your photos on social media using #EasyGazebos